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Cori Goudge-Ayer

Chef / Owner

Chef Cori got her culinary career started at our own Cabrillo College Culinary program right here in Aptos. From Cabrillo she went on to attend the San Francisco CCA (California Culinary Academy).


After Graduation she worked in a number of restaurants around the bay area acquiring different skills under many talented Chefs including Michelin starred Chef Suzette Gresham of Acquerello. Her experiences throughout her career included learning how to cook in a variety of different cuisines including Italian, French, and Iranian/ Middle Eastern which all show in her food today.


All of this eventually led to her working her way up to being an executive Chef, moving from place to place, and eventually coming back home to Santa Cruz where she served as Executive Chef at Laili, downtown Santa Cruz. Although Cori loved being a Chef she longed for the opportunity to have full creative control, to create a concept all her own, and serve food that truly represents who she is and what she believes.


On top of that her dream was to be able to do that in here in her home, to bring her food to her community, and highlight the bounty that exists here. In 2016 our family came together and decided to make that dream a reality and hence Persephone was born! ​

Miles & Karen Potter

Miles & Karen Potter

Dad, Mom (Owners)

Karen and Miles aka Mom and Dad are responsible for bringing this entire dream together. They are the ones who instilled a passion for food in their children and they continued that by believing in their children's dream. Miles consults on the wine list with Alex particularly when it comes to the french wines that he has a special love for.


He is also our accountant / business manager / handyman. In short he keeps everything running. Karen is our artist/ pastry consultant. All of the paintings on our walls are her work and our sourdough bread comes from her thirty plus year old starter! Mom and Dad are the foundation on which we are built and we could not do this without them!

Ryan Couture

Ryan Couture

Pastry Chef

Ryan is our pastry, pasta, and bread maker extraordinaire. He has worked his way up from an entry position in our kitchen to this role due to his eagerness to learn and embrace new challenges.

Alex Potter

Alex Potter

Owner/ Sommelier

Alex is the younger brother of Chef Cori and serves as our General Manager and house Sommelier. Alex comes from a service and beverage background dating back to his years working in Restaurants and Bars to make extra money while working towards a Philosophy degree from UCLA.


After graduating and working in Restaurant’s for several more years the dream of Persephone was born with Alex as the Beverage Manager. Shortly after opening Alex decided to pursue Sommelier Certification. After a few months of study he passed his level 1 Certification and is currently working on Level 2.


He has developed a particular passion for the Wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains, as well as rare Italian varieties, and local craft beer and cider.

Brittnii Potter

Brittnii Potter

Sales/ Marketing/ Owner

Brittnii the is marketing director and front of house manager of Persephone.  She has a long history of service work as well, having worked at many of the same places as Alex in their 12 years together. You can find her smiling face representing Persephone at most special events or occasionally if you are lucky, in the dinning room at the restaurant. Her energy and charisma are unmatched!

A Toast


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