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We are located in Aptos, CA, and owned by a family team made up of Chef Cori, her brother Alex, and his Wife Brittnii. Alex is the house Sommelier as well as general manager alongside his wife Brittnii who helps with marketing and promotion. Alex and Cori’s parents are also involved in the operation as advisors and backers. Mom Karen consults on desserts as well as producing all of the paintings that decorate Persephone and dad Miles serves as accountant and business manager.


According to Greek Myth, Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, Mother Earth. Along with her mother, she kept the earth bountiful. Hades, the God of the Underworld, so taken by Persephone’s beauty, abducted her and took her to be his wife and Queen.

 Demeter, in her despair, allowed the fruitful earth to wither and die. Zeus intervened and forced Hades to allow her to return home but before Persephone left, Hades tempted her with a Pomegranate. Persephone was told to eat nothing while in the Underworld as it could bind her there but, as she left, she ate 4 pomegranate seeds forcing her to return each winter after the harvest. Although she had ultimately triumphed over the death of Hades, allowing spring and life to return to the earth, she was still obligated to sojourn there for winter, giving us, according to Greek Myth, our seasons.


Besides the fact that our Chef is named Cori (Kore in Greek translated to the maiden of Korinth or Persephone) it is meant to represent our mission in serving only fresh, local, seasonal foods. We are excited to feature the amazing bounty that our Community offers and are working closely with locals in order to do so.  Our menu will be small but will change often. We hope you all will join us on our culinary exploration through the seasons!



From the Press

Persephone serves a seasonally changing farm to table menu with influences ranging from Italian to Middle Eastern.  All of the dishes are based upon the locally available products and produce. Chef Cori has an unwavering commitment to only using the freshest and highest quality ingredients available, if it is not available from a local farmer anymore then it is time to change the menu! This makes the food taste better, but also helps to promote a sustainable food culture!


A Bite of Santa Cruz, T. Morgonsen

"Irresistibly Delicious..."


"What a gem! Service was outstanding and food even better!"


Santa Cruz Sentinel

"Persephone is ambitious, from its daring architecture and unusual décor to the refined service and inventive menu."

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